It’s National Blueberry Month – make a Waffle Berry Parfait​

BBQ Waffles are great for summer – serve with prepared coleslaw​

Don’t forget National Mustard Day with a Waffle Melt, made with mustard​

National Waffle Day is this week – celebrate with Waffle Reubens​

Embrace the heat with Southwestern Waffle Pizzas​

National Peach Month is the time to serve Peaches & Cream Waffles​

It’s National Waffle Week! Try a Sausage Patty & Waffle Sandwich​

Serve Chicken Sausage & Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches – add cheese and scrambled eggs​

Observe International Eat an Apple Day with Apple-Cheddar Waffle Paninis​

National Chicken Month is the perfect time for Buffalo Chicken & Waffles​

Go bananas with Monkey Business – Banana Lover’s Day is this week​