Monte Cristos made with waffles are sure to be a new favorite​

Serve Chicken & Waffles Parmesan today​

An Italian Waffle Panini is a fresh take on a popular sandwich​

Sandwich Day happens this week – try a California Club​

Warm up with Meatball Parmesan Waffles​

Wavy Tuna Melt Waffles are a new take on a classic recipe​

Warm up with a Cuban Waffle Panini​

It’s time for a Chicken Waffle Open-Faced Sandwich​

Close out the year with Sausage & Pepper Waffles​

Observe National Maple Syrup Day with Waffle Breakfast Bowls, made with syrup​

Make chicken salad Waffleicious by serving it with waffles​

Try Waffle Bruschetta as a special Italiano treat​